The Power of Three
BeScreened™-CRC is an ELISA-based multiplex, screening test of three blood-based tumor-associated protein biomarkers; an oncoprotein called teratocarcinoma derived growth factor-1 (TDGF-1, Cripto-1); carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA), a well-established biomarker associated with CRC; and an extracellular matrix protein involved in early stage tumor stroma changes. These three proteins target immunological activities associated with CRC tumorigenesis; generation, invasion, progression, and migration.

Their quantitative assay results are processed through Beacon’s proprietary relational algorithm and evaluated against the algorithm’s healthy patient-state status criteria. Patients that fall within the acceptance criteria are reported as negative for the likely presence of CRC with a recommendation to stay compliant with their healthcare well-checks and screening. Patients calculated as outliers to that same criteria are reported as positive with an elevated-risk of CRC’s presence with a recommendation to follow-up with their physician to schedule a screening colonoscopy.

Healthcare Benefit

BeScreened™-CRC is the solution to CRC screening noncompliance.  The cost is under $160 and it was designed specifically for for this reason. It’s an easy, accurate and affordable blood-based test for CRC screening that can help increase screening compliance.  In doing so, we can save more lives due to earlier detection. And with earlier detection, we can help reduce the staggering costs associated with later stage colorectal cancer treatment and care. 

Ordering BeScreened-CRC

Our test is being marketed and sold as an approved CLIA laboratory developed test.  As such, it is only available from Beacon Biomedical Inc. through participating Accountable Care Organizations and Independent Physician offices.  Practitioners interested in providing BeScreened-CRC to your screening non-compliant patients, please contact Beacon for more details. Since it is a new test on the market, we ask that patients contact the Company to check on its availability in your area. 

Easy, Accurate and Affordable Cancer Screening....Welcome to the Beacon Revolution!

About BeScreened™-CRC
Colorectal cancer (CRC) is one of the most curable diseases with a 90% survivability rate when detected in its earlier stages.  Yet, in the U.S. alone there are still more than 50,000 men and women dying each year from this devastating disease.

The data tells us that almost 65% of all CRC deaths and over 70% of all the associated cancer treatment and care costs can be directly attributable to the 30-million men and women who are CRC screening-eligible but simply don’t get screened. Surprisingly, over 70% of these very same individuals are fully covered by insurance, and over 90% of them have regular visits to their physicians and have blood drawn for well-check purposes.

Patients who are not compliant with their CRC screening say they don’t participate in screening because they find the current fecal-based tests and colonoscopy procedures disgusting, painful, embarrassing or simply inconvenient.  

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a simple blood test that would screen for colorectal cancer (CRC)?  A test that was as easy as getting checked for your cholesterol? 

Well, now there is and it’s called “BeScreened™-CRC”.
Beacon Biomedical has developed a simple blood-based CLIA approved laboratory developed test (LDT) for CRC screening 95% accurate at determining a patient’s risk of having CRC for stages I-IV, and that demonstrated a greater than 60% sensitivity at detecting precancerous polyps.