CRC Screening .… Simplified !

As a provider, you know that routine screenings for colorectal cancer saves lives. You also know that, despite the clear risks associated with non-compliance, patients refuse to move forward with colonoscopies or fecal-based screening methods. That's why we’ve developed BeScreened™–CRC, a blood-based test that eliminates some of the biggest reservations patients have about screening for colorectal cancer.

For more information on non-clinical verification and clinical validation, take a look at our BeScreenedTM-CRC white paper.



“The best colorectal cancer screening test is the one that gets done.”

— Richard Wender, MD, Chief Cancer Control Officer, American Cancer Society



About BeScreenedTM-CRC

BeScreened™-CRC is an ELISA-based multiplex, screening test of three blood-based tumor-associated protein biomarkers; an oncoprotein called teratocarcinoma derived growth factor-1 (TDGF-1, Cripto-1); carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA), a well-established biomarker associated with CRC; and an extracellular matrix protein involved in early stage tumor stroma changes. These three proteins target immunological activities associated with CRC tumorigenesis; generation, invasion, progression, and migration.

The  assay results are processed through Beacon’s proprietary relational algorithm and evaluated against the algorithm’s healthy patient-state status criteria. Patients that fall within the acceptance criteria are reported as negative for the likely presence of CRC with a recommendation to stay compliant with their individual healthcare well-checks and screening needs. Patients calculated as outliers to that same criteria are reported as positive with an elevated-risk of CRC’s presence with a recommendation to follow-up with their physician to schedule a screening colonoscopy.  


A Screening Method that Can Save Lives

BeScreened™–CRC is the solution to CRC screening noncompliance and was designed specifically for for this reason. It’s an easy, accurate and affordable blood-based test for CRC screening that can help increase screening compliance in the population of individuals who have been unwilling or unable to be screened using fecal-based testing or invasive imaging procedures, such as colonoscopies. In providing these individuals with another alternative test that is much easier to adopt and more convenient, we can help save more lives and assist in reducing the staggering costs associated with later stage colorectal cancer (CRC) treatment and care by increasing CRC screening compliance using BeScreened-CRC.


Ordering BeScreenedTM-CRC

BeScreened™–CRC is recognized under the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) as a CLIA laboratory developed test (LDT). It is available only through Beacon Biomedical Inc.'s CLIA accredited laboratory (ID 03D2122615).

BeScreened™–CRC is a blood-based test for colorectal cancer (CRC) screening specifically designed for those patients who are, and have been, unwilling or unable to participate in current recommended fecal-based CRC screening tests and colonoscopy procedures.  For more detailed information, or to order your BeScreened-CRC test please fill out the “Contact Us / Order Your Test” form and submit your request.

Ease & Convenience

To provide additional ease and convenience for getting screened using BeScreened™–CRC, Beacon also provides at-home and in-office phlebotomy (blood-draw) services allowing patients to choose the date, place and time for getting their blood drawn. Fill out the “Contact Us / Order Your Test” form and submit your request for more details.

For Arizona residents, Beacon has also contracted with Sonora Quest Laboratories (SQL) to provide for sample collection and processing across the entire state through their network of patient service centers (PSC) and physician based  in-office phlebotomists.  SQL processes the samples and then they are delivered directly to Beacon for testing and reporting. Patients can download a BeScreened Test Requisition Form Test and take it to their doctor or any SQL PSC to get their blood drawn.  Click here for a list of SQL PSCs near you.

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